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JQuery Datatables misalignment in tabs with fixed columns

I am working with jQuery datatables for quite some time and i began to think it was bug free until i came across the misalignment issue.
I was using jQuery datatables with jQuery UI Tabs, so only first datatable was shown when the screen loads, and first grid was displayed just fine. However when i view the second datatable, it shows header  misalignment issues. I tried may workarounds but those only change the problems like if rows misalignment is fixed then header row height gets smaller etc.
After spending a lot of time in searching, i found the cause of the problem and it was mentioned on jQuery datatables official site here.
It is mentioned that if a datatable is initialized while it is not visible, browser will not be able to calculate the height and width of table.
You can also view the question i have posted on StackOverflow for this problem here. I have posted images of problem there, that will help you understand it.

In order to avoid this situation, you ne…

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